Will Cryptocurrency ACTUALLY Replace Fiat Money? (Differences Explained)

We know that fiat money is the most widely accepted medium of exchange for goods and services. However, cryptocurrency is …


  1. It all comes down to the people you have to steal the people to get what you want and that's what they're doing they're using masses to. Get what exactly what they want

  2. Is crypto just another fiat? When governments run out of money, they just print more. What is to stop bitcoin from releasing an unlimited supply?

  3. What ever you do, donโ€™t buy the Coingecko Premium, Iโ€™ve supported them strongly over the last couple of years and now have found out these are fraudsters. They charged me and wonโ€™t give a refund after a couple of days of service as I didnโ€™t know it was going to be renewed automatically, what company does that. They have lost a customer for life and cannot recommend a company that acts unprofessionally like this.

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  5. Fiat money is fake money because it can be printed and controlled by governments. And some cryptos are adopting to this behaviour of fiat allowing governments to intervene. The only real crypto that still serves it's purpose is Bitcoin, the rest are allowing governments to dictate on them, see now ETH (PoS) transections can be reversed and assets can freezed which is not what Satoshi wanted…

  6. The era of cryptocurrency replacing fiat is still very far away. I personally don't think it will ever be able to fully eradicate fiat but rather I believe both cryptocurrency and fiat will be hsed together, getting the same recognition and adoption

    While I am not so particular about the dominance of cryptocurrency over fiat, I do believe crypto is the way many will become wealthy reason why I plan to keep buying and holding strong crypto projects such as CHIRPLEY and some others on MEXC

  7. Bitcoin mining/transactions are on the cusp of being banned in USA as they go into Winter with an energy crisis. Biden is doubling down on the coming ban. Also there's talk IRS/SEC are coming for Bitcoin's Lightning Network transactions, which will cause people to lose money of frozen transfers in the LN pool-blocks. Avoid using Lightning in transfers till further notice !!!

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