[URGENT] Crypto Trading Bot Strategy (Bitsgap, 3Commas, Pionex, Binance & Kucoin)

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  1. There is a scenario that this strategy won't work;
    if token price moves upwards, trigger your stop loss on short position, then moves downwards making the bot profts negative as well.

  2. Hi Mate, Watched the vid then queried what Short means and then watched the vid again and it all makes perfect sence. Im on the course. I dont know if you remember but im the chap that lives fairly near bordeaux. Anyway, question. So with a short you are betting against the the bot. Therefore the 19% profit is bot profit?

  3. with the tight stop on the video is it a 50/50 chance of quickly being stopped out ? as 50% of the time price can easily 'wobble up a little' to stop out the short

  4. I'm trying to figure out how you ended up with a 17% loss on the bot. If you opened your bot @ 66K and it went out of range at around 33K this would give you a DCA long position at about 50k…therefore the drop to current price of 29.1k would be around 41% which would give you a BTC value of around $590 which implies your bot profit was $240… is that about right? Are you shorting a BTC-perp for the future hedge?

  5. love the idea of this.. any tips on if the bot goes up enough to kill that short but then continues in a downward trend? Watch and continue to set new shorts or?

  6. I’m confused only by the math here. How is there a net position of $2,390 from $2,000 but net profit is only $195? That’s half of the actual $390 net profit..

  7. How tight did you set that short stop in that example? Does it make sense to put the short stop loss at the top grid price to allow for the anticipated grid fluctuations

  8. In my experience what happens mostly is, the stoploss got hit first, then you have no short in the game, then it crashes 😉 So prices go up first, the stoploss of the shortposition gets hit, then all crashes…

  9. Considering Pionex , What is the bot I have to choose and what are the parameters I have to put to meet the above conditions that you mentioned in the video 🤔 .. I’m very new to this so I’m kinda confused

  10. How do you create a short position futures bot? I don't see an option for that on bitsgap.
    Great strategy by the way 🙂👍

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