Trading 212 Tutorial: How to use Trading 212 to Buy Stocks, Crypto & ETFs

In this review, I take you through Trading 212. Trading212 is a trading platform built for the millennial investor, with an easy to use …


  1. I prefer the more traditional way of trading Forex so I use LonghornFX, good spreads, low commission and same day withdrawals.

  2. Please Help,,, when I sell half of my shares in the demo, I end up with my original Buy showing in the Open Position and then a second line with the Sell. If I press the X button on the original Buy it closes altogether. Am I simply reading this wrong?

  3. Very helpful video – just to clarify – HGL have a greater a number of stocks and shares than Trading 212 on their platform. I am interested in ETFs really.

  4. I want to introduce you guys to one great Woman by name Mrs Ann. Her strategy works effectively great for me. I do not just make good profits on my trade, i make consistent profits and growth on every trade. Stop losing your money. be wise😎😎

  5. Is trading really that hard cause I really feel like it’s just waiting around for a certain time then paying attention to charts then monitoring whether you need to sell the share or not or is there more to it?

  6. Interesting thank you. I used TradeZero to trade us stocks, do you find trading212 provides a variety of stock's? And the ability to both go long or short? Thank you 😊

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  8. Hi Louise,
    I also signed up using your link and have made a deposit but I haven’t seen the free £100 shares yet. But I did do it later Friday night. But still haven’t received my stock. Please can you help?

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  10. if you are like me you will lose thousands of pounds to CFD's – leveraged tradining will get you margin called very quickly if your prices drop quickly… not a good time

  11. Trading 212 doesn't have 2FA or any additional security that you can set up for your account. I wouldn't advise to use their service until they decide to secure accounts of their customers. There is no reason for any broker to not have 2FA, it should be the first thing that is implemented into a service that is handling your money in some way… and especially if the broker is handling your stocks.

    On top of that, T212 doesn't allow the transfer of your portfolio to another broker. Why is that? What if I decide that I want to move to another broker? Then I've to sell my whole portofilo and buy it again… I'd lose money in that process due taxation.

    Look, on paper T212 looks good, but they are missing features that they don't mention in those comparison tables: 2:46, but other brokers have these basic and fundamental features.

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  13. Absolutely brilliant! This video has really helped break down the user interface and how Trading 212 works. Have had the app on my phone and will now comfortably start using it 🙂

  14. Oh well here goes, these past few days my brother and his friend have been trying to teach me about trading and the stocks it has completely gone over my head every last bit of it 🙈I have now found your video so hopefully things are about to change wish me luck! EDIT this isn't for beginners it's a sales pitch to get you depositing straight away lol NICEEEE

  15. Freetrade app review next! They’re launching fractional shares this month. I use T212 and they’re launching AutoInvest this month which I’m looking forward too also 📈

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