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  1. As mentioned folks, this list is non-exhaustive. For those who are on my weekly mailer, you will know the coins I hold in my portfolio. Naturally I am bullish on them. If you guys got value from that vid and want to help support the channel, then the moon shirt is for sale in my merch store. As you know, I don't run YT ads so these sales go a long way 🙏

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  2. "From my perspective, this highlights the importance of having a competitive advantage as investors. Merely mirroring the market strategies of others is insufficient in achieving optimal results. I am currently grappling with the decision to invest in the current market, as it presents both uncertainty and opportunity. Could you share your insights on this matter?

  3. To start off, the most crucial aspect of a protocol is security in which LUZION PROTOCOL has in possession.
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  4. So ••• how do you feel about subscribers who took your advice? Do a video on the destruction people suffered from following you. This is all about transparency. Right?

  5. I would like to share my gems – $wow from WOWswap. WOWswap is a dex with leverage trading and short posistions, and similar projects, dydx, are way ahead of this dex in capitalization. This is one of the few tokens you can buy and make x50 without ICO, IDO, etc.

  6. What's missing here is $wow – it's a dex WOWswap token, where you can trade with leverage and in shorts, the token has huge potential – the capitalization of competitors is several times higher.

  7. A year later, most of them are at their starting value or lower. Goes to show how difficult it is to pick a winning project in a year's time

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