The Bitcoin Price is VERY Suspicious… (I'M NERVOUS)

Will crypto recover? Why is bitcoin going up? Let’s discuss the latest cryptocurrency news for bitcoin, ethereum, altcoins, & MORE!


  1. HUMPBACK = 5000 BTC
    WHALE = 1000 BTC
    SHARK = 500 – 1000 BTC
    DOLPHIN = 100 – 500 BTC
    MC FISH = 50 – 100 BTC
    OCTOPUS = 10 – 50 BTC
    CRAB = 1 – 10 BTC
    SHRIMP = Less than 1 BTC

  2. Truth is nobody really knows about when it pumps because if anyone did they would post it before it goes up. Everyone is skeptical. And bitcoin will keep tricking Everyone with ups n downs. Either way I'm investing!!!!!

  3. VOLUME is too easily faked in low volume crypto trading during a bear. One whale can buy sell buy and make a volume candle single handedly wash trading. 200 daily is important as a math average but liquidity is waaay more important by far. Understand there’s simply not enough money available for any bull market for risk assets.

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