I Found 80% Win-Rate Trading Strategy For Crypto !!!

A super powerful trading strategy includes TWO free TradingView indicators that get an 80% win rate in a 1H timeframe. It’s been …


  1. Hello
    Could you kindly do a video on this strategy:
    1.CM slingshot with all the input unchecked, to indicate momentum
    2. QQE mod to signal long or short (the last threshold is changed from 3 to 4 in the input section)
    3. MACD 4C to confirm long or short signal (left at default)

    Enter long position when CM slingshot is green and QQE mod prints a green column when the MACD 4C is also green.

    For better accuracy, Coral indicator by lazy bear, that you used lately can be added to the chart to filter out liquidity grab. That is, if it is red, then the long trade should be discarded.

    Opposite is for short. Every indicator must be in red when the QQE Mod prints a new red column

    Thanks in advance

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