How To Trade The "Stretched" Volume Profile Strategy In Crypto [TRADINGVIEW]

Richard shows how to trade a volume profile strategy that can be applied to …


  1. Hi all! So what if there is a level (POC) where there was a lot of volume activity, institutions work there at this price. Regular traders don't know where the price will go, up to (POE ) or down to (POE ). This thing is just useless, how to use it? Its price flashes up and down like a colander. What's the point of her if she can't even act as a good resistance or support. It's just an indicator – the level of the casino, maybe there, or maybe here. Explain to me how to use this colander?

  2. Hi Richard, at what time do you plot a daily Volume Profile on a Crypto chart?
    Is there an automated way to do this on Tradingview?

  3. I have been trying to figure out what the blue and yellow colors of each bar represent ? My assumption is that the blue is the buying pressure and vice versa. if this is so, can we use the ratio between blue and yellow proportions of each bar as the buying or selling imbalance? πŸ™‚

  4. Thanks Richard πŸ‘πŸΌ. The difficulty I see a bit in the realization of entering a trade in these too high/ too low areas as there is oftentimes high volatility. What is your suggestion regarding setting the stop loss in these areas? Do you choose a wider SL or do you work here without any SL ..given the relatively high probability that price moves back direction VPOC? Thanks πŸ™

  5. any opinions on the likelihood of intraday plays? using volume profiles to sum a 4h period, etc.

  6. Wont it always look stretched until people have accepted the price and begun to accumulate? How to tell the difference between stretched market and next step up in a trend?

  7. Would've been nice if you would've used more recent examples. I mean, we're in September at almost 53k on BTC and you're showing examples from back in mid August.

  8. Excellent coverage on stretched VP Richard! That is def edge! Thank you for using a mic and the clarity of the explanation was superb!

  9. Thanks for this. I'm just starting to use volume profile. If you are trading off a 5 or 15 min chart would you use that days session for the volume profile or the correlating 5 or 15 volume profile?

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