Cryptocurrency: The Truth About Digital | Gary Cardone

In this episode, Brad and Gary, a true business entrepreneur, dive into the digital world and discuss how it is affecting every …


  1. Thank you for sharing, all I can say GOOD,GOOD just the best, sorry I have no good command of the English language. Thank you keep up the good work.

  2. "Chargebacks are so expensive for the merchant, call customer service, if they don't respond go on social media and rant about it" wtf? I respect Gary but what a shitty point of view, so as a consumer I get a product that I'm not happy with, contact customer service, they don't even answer and I'm supposed to take the L? You won't take you product back? Then I'll take my fucking money back. I wouldn't want to run a company that treats customers that way either.

  3. I have a HUGE issue with cryptocurrency
    1) it's volitile as FUCK!
    2) you lose your money 8,10,20, 100k, 500k it doesn't matter. That shits fucking gone.
    3) cryptocurrency will NOT get you out of a jam if you are in a bad situation.

  4. If you want to learned about crypto listen crypto hulk or bit boy , just move your crypto to El Salvador 🇸🇻 or Portugal 🇵🇹 and you don’t have to pay taxes

  5. Eleven years ago I went to Bank of America and withdrew 70 k in cash of course had to order it. When I picked it up we went to the back to run it through the machine to verify it. And we were talking and he said the banks were going to digital currency. Surprised it’s happened so fast honestly. Same bank sent me a thing in the mail associated with my credit card with was 2009 or 2010 back then was called speed pass and it had adhesive to stick to the back of your phone it was the size of like a grocery store discount thing for your keychain. Then it’s just revolved into all this Apple and google pay

  6. What are you slowing down Grant? AND??? So teach us all your wisdom at once!! What are you not telling us there, huh?? You're wise that you're dragging six, seven books like Robert Kayosaki the swindler, huh? Write one book boldly with all your leverage of wealth and make a film about the life of a billionaire, how to live in a family office like the Rodschilds. Don't be ashamed and don't be silent Grant!! Open up to us completely and tell us the whole truth about untold WEALTH!!

  7. 1. How has it taken me this long to subscribe to this channel?
    2. How are there only 181k subscribers?

    This is one of the best podcast interviews I have ever seen!

  8. 🤯 Weird,
    I thought cardone got run over by the age train and got confused as hell when a watch a small snipped video…
    Cool… i remember chargeback 911

  9. It’s funny I look at these guys are way above me in financial intelligence and well being, then Gary says, “… we’ve never had an opportunity for that” in reference to owning Picasos… and I’m down here a middle class fella thinking man these guys are in the stratosphere, these guys are looking at the Rockefellers thinking man these guy as are in the stratosphere… then I think, wtf there’s another stratosphere!?

  10. Gary seems so non alpha, non arrogant, non egoistic… COMPARED TO GRANT. It's almost hard to picture them both in the same room

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