Cryptocurrency of Doomsday #bitcoin #crypto

When it comes to saving for a economy collapse, i only can think of , hard cash , and entertainment . None of those digitals things …


  1. Well, tobacco and Alkohol are highly addictive, so they are pretty elastic goods, just like pharmaceutical drugs people gonna buy em anyway.
    Cash is no king cuz it's already losing value over time due to its inflationary nature.
    Crypto is the asset of the future.

  2. Water will be king. In a economy collapse, a gallon of water from your own well will be worth more than all cash you have.

  3. With you on the cryptocurrency but you might want to see how Venezuela is doing with their cash since their economy is in the toilet

  4. False. Gold and silver have always and will always gold value, especially in a TEOTWAWKI scenario.
    Its so much easier to barter a few grams of gold for the 1000 freedom seeds, than it is to haul up that 150lbs of rice.

    The way it has worked and will work again, is you bring your items to a central trader and trade them for gold, silver, and copper. You then buy what you need with the metals and the merchant uses the metal to buy what they need.

  5. Ностоящие кубинские сигары закрученные спиралью и после упакованые в кипорисовые коробки.граф монтеристо вроде делают бонально а стоит дорого и очень качественно.😂

  6. Glad I can farm idk about tobacco but I know if it does collapse atleast me and mine can survive and with out the need of money so let it collapse i feel bad for the city folk they all will die first XD country folks can survive and will Long after money is gone!!

  7. I know Quants going to go to 1 billion dollars at the 18th decimal which is .000000000000000001 Quant will be 1 Billion Dollars. 😊👌

  8. Настоящий кайф.. не то.. что мы все курим.. такую гадость.. которая приводит к инсульту.. к инфаркту.. и т.д. не курите обычные сигареты.. не тупите 😂🔥🤗😉

  9. I think that they will devalue the cash supply so that it becomes worthless. So rice and beans could become more valuable than cash

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