Crypto Island – It's Worse Than It Sounds

What happens when you take NFTs and make them real? Well, this. You get Cryptoland. …


  1. lol looking at their market price a year later after this video.
    its clear they are a scam ya ;v
    price sank to the bottom of the ocean together with the island

  2. Should be " Braindeadland " , for any of the delusional Idiots who believe in it an get sucked the Guy in the Bitcoin shirt on LSD ?

  3. The absolute best part of all of this is the stupid video. They made a better satire of crypto as a whole than any of the dissenters could hope to produce. Bravo, Cryptoland. Please please PLEASE make more hilarious crypto rugpulls for people to make videos about.

  4. So, we are 11 months in the future now. How's the Island going? Like many (I assume) I got the vibes of the "Fyre Festival Fiasco" form this. And I just found out that it is the SAME island as was used for that "festival." Does anyong know if this is a coincedence or are the same people behind it?

  5. So basically there gonna rug pull at 50 million then they won’t have the funds to return! ONLY IDIOTS WILL INVEST AND AT THIS POINT DESERVE LOSING MONEY TO SCAMMERS!

  6. If you apply the BITE model of authoritarian control to them, they absolutely reek! Behavioral, Information, thought and emotional control metrics make up the BITE model and its a great way of judging and comparing cults.

  7. So, in the U.S.

    If you pose as say, a financial adviser, than proceed to tell a wide audience to buy this. Than it crashes. You could be liable for damages. Ontop of. EVERY single situation is different. And a responsible adviser/lawyer/ect. ect. Would never do broad strokes like that. Each one would have you come to them, and take a look at your specific situation.

  8. This is children having fun drawing pictures of their ideal personal island and all the cool stuff they would put on it.. except their adults and some of them actually think its possible.. Shocking levels of stupidity for people who no doubt think of themselves as the smarter people in society.

  9. i just have zero sympathy for anyone that keeps falling for this garbage. the seemingly complete lack of common sense is insane, and it just keeps getting worse.

  10. This sounds like a rug pull or a fire festival. Get stranded on a random island in your cheap shit house when they abandoned the island when they go into bankruptcy.

  11. Even if this somehow worked pirates and human traffickers would have a field day. Place would be a total anarchic shithole within 6 months.

  12. I remember when this was taking place and it was insane.. People are just so damn stupid or just so damn cleaver for their own good…

  13. Hey, I'm a nocoiner. I can use my boring old money to pay the rent and buy groceries. When was the last time you bought your bread with crypto? Or paid your heating bills? Or your gas at the gas station? Or your phone bills? What you can do with crypto is to gamble and play minesweeper on a 1000×1000 field and with 999998 mines. Good luck, I prefer to stay boring and poor.

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