CRYPTO FOUND IN-GAME In Apex Legends Update!

I have found crypto hiding in game in the new Apex legends voidwalker event. Crypto teaser is fully going crazy. He is hiding in …


  1. in the next update where maps switch every hour, crypto can use his drone to decode the message. unfortunately, kings canyon was put to rest because of shooting the dinosaurs and punching the poor innocent loot ticks.

  2. he is trying to hack the big portal and the big came form wraith the experiment wraith to make the big portal and his hacking it if i was you how go out side and where is CRYPTO going because when he left you can sign of exit wait out side with you team mate and see where is going

  3. he look like he hasnt taken a shower in forever,but like what was the reason that gave him a robotic jaw,doesn't really make sense to me

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