1000x Crypto Portfolio?! Expert DeFi Crypto Investor Explains

Everyone wants to make money, it’s why we all work! Ben Berry or simply Berry is an expert level investor in the Decentralized …


  1. If anyone here in the comments is interested in earning passive income, the Vice Chairman of ADA is invested in a project that'll work off various nodes that'll earn you passive income. Imagine wearing smart clothes, or getting paid to play your gaming console or PC. We're almost there. Don't forget the name: StrongNode.

  2. I can make assumptions, but what are airdrops, liquidity mines, and yield farms? There’s so many specialized terms…

  3. I found Vosk by accident. I am new to crypto and very interested in decentralised finance, conceptually and for the possible profits of being involved in it. Lovely interaction between the two of you. I shall use the links below. Many thanks. p.s. I am a dog lover too.

  4. Hey bro, nice review!

    possibly you can make a new vid bout Graphene. Seems like it is the new blockchain architecture designed by Phore. The best thing is that they haven’t ICO or presale. What is your advice of it?

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  6. Good video, but it took me multiple sittings to watch in entirety. Pretty new to all of this and suffered from information overload. I've been mining with a single GPU for a few weeks, so don't have much built up yet. After watching this video I tried to do as suggested and make a $30 swap using metamask. Network fees were more than double the amount I was trying to swap for sushi and $157 for AAVE. Ouch. Needless to say, the swap didn't happen.

  7. Can anyone tell me if tradeclassified.com platform for leverage trading is legit or run by scammers? Been experimenting with some btc leverage trading and it seems to going well, but, i have not tried to withdraw and transfer profits to my coindesk btc wallet yet. Getting nervous this platform keeps my btc hostage. Any guidance would be appreciated, thanks!

  8. It blows my mind how many bots are in crypto channels trying to scam people, literally having conversations with each other. Shit blows my mind! Its annoying reading half a comment and seeing its a fucking bot 🤣🤣

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