🚨 RBI Ban Crypto in India? 🇮🇳 International Bank Supports Crypto | Crypto News Today

RBI Ban Crypto in India? International Bank Supports Crypto | Crypto News Today Crypto Shorts by Crypto King Keyur: …


  1. India is not in a position to ban crypto on its own.
    The masses have already adopted the blockchains and crypto is just a part of the network. A govt. that taxes 30% + 1% tds on earnings without saying anything about legalising is already laughable.
    I know i am gooing to get a lot of hate for writing this but i don't see this country progressing with the current govt. which IMO is here for another 10-15 years, cuss the congress however you like but one thing is for sure that they were progressive unlike the present one.
    Hope my investment turns to a fruitful one so i can move out of this country for good.

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    I'm grateful

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