The NASTY TRUTH Behind Cryptocurrency and the FTX Collapse 👀🔥


  1. Sounds like bought something as a typical sheep. Sounds like didn’t do ANY research. That is fault of crypto? DYOR homie. N Wall Street don’t pump? Sheesh

  2. You don't get rich in one days. Don't chase shitcoins. Things like Ethereum and Bitcoin. Just examples, that's what you want. Not fking doge or Shiba.

  3. There are fundamentals in the legitimate technology. There are just too many egregious actors in the space. NFTs are anomalies. I would never buy an NFT unless it was attached to a service. Cryptos like Vechain, HBAR and XLM are needed to move forward in the future. These aren't the "fun, exciting" cryptos. These are the "needed" technologies going forward.

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