RBI गवर्नर का बड़ा बयान | बताया क्या है बाजार के लिए बड़ा खतरा | Crude Oil, Inflation, Cryptocurrency

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  2. China se Covid death ka figure aaya hai ho sakta hai abhi bhi wahan fully safe nahi hai, iss liye FIIs kabhi bhi India pe buying start kar sakte hai,

  3. सरकार या कोई और अथॉरिटी RBI की सुनती ।
    अब गवर्नर जी सोच रहे चलो अपनी बात रिटेल इन्वेस्टर को सुनाते है

  4. Gambling.. thode smay baad aap bhi ispr video banoge ma Bhi yhi hu or aap bhi 😂 or ma to chata bhi yhi hu stock market ke trah crypto ke bhi knowledge Yhi milage sabko.

  5. Can inflation be brought down by hiking repo rates?it all depends on crude oil, production of items, export etc .only vegetables are somewhat down due to good production other wise, there is no respite

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