Pay LESS Tax On Stocks & Crypto (Tax Loss Harvesting Strategies in 2022)

2022 has been a rough go for asset prices… but, don’t fret. You can use this market environment to your advantage and pay LESS …


  1. @Nikki Dunn, U did not mention anything on Crypto, its our understanding 30 Day wash sale rule on stocks does not apply for Crypto, say i has losses on Bitcoin or DOGE, i can sell losses , realize losses and can buy back immediatly the same position if i beleive in it long term, Please confirm!

  2. Great video? What about crypto? Does the wash sale rule still not apply to crypto due to it being "property" according to the IRS?

  3. Can I use a tax loss to offset either Long term or short term gains? Or is it like : long term loss offsets long term gains and short term -short term ?

    Thanks for the great video btw

  4. Great video. I did this throughout my career when I was a high earner. The write-off against ordinary income saved me a good amount of money. Now that I'm retired the game has changed. I'm focusing now on tax GAIN harvesting. Tax gain harvesting isn't a well known technique. It might be worth a video 🙂

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