MAJOR XDC Update (BEST Crypto Dark Horse!)

Today, we are going to talk about a project included in the web of ISO 20022 coins. What are these coins? What does this mean?


  1. XDC media is being suppressed for a reason. The expedition of ISO leaves a rare communication gap for retail investors to capitalize within. Stepping up the timeline has reprocussions to the world elites accumulation knowledge. Likely they are trying to catchup where they thought they had months. This gap we the retail accumulate as much as possible. Huge Transfer of wealth.

  2. XDc is good. But not as good as xrp or xlm. Both of these are odl tokens, but Xdc is not. Wait until tether crashes. Then swoop in for your final buy!

  3. Thanks Ben, you're one of the only influencer I trust and I respect the fact that you will protect your family at any cost. I hope you take that guy down. He deserves it

  4. So far I took your advice on polygon
    And quant at The beginning
    And I'm glad I did
    I'm making sure I go in hard on xdc
    And hbar
    Stuffing my bags for 2025

  5. Props to BitBoy for covering XDC and XinFin. Many large YouTube channels seem to overlook it and continue to shill their own ecosystems (looking at Paul Barron)

  6. I think its going to be one of the biggest after this bear market. It may see a big run . Im buying it its going to see a run im hoping for 3 bucks.

  7. put the money up and run a xdc node/validator while you still can it's 1 million xdc right now it's affordable soon you won't be able to, unless you have 1milluon USA dollars trust me !

  8. XDC NETWORK WAS ADDED TO UPHOLD EXCHANGE if you’re in U.S. that’s the only place you can get it that I know of. You can send/receive now along with buy/sell/trade.

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