Is The Ethereum Merge Actually Coming? LATEST Crypto News

It’s never a dull week in crypto! From the long-awaited Ethereum Merge moving closer, to one of Ethereum’s oldest architects …


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  7. It takes up to entire rack at cloud service providers facilities to run a single node for ETH. How will this be a 99.95% reduction in power consumption? "It's just as safe as PoW". How? Solana has crashed 3 times this year! Non of the arguments they are making even start to make logical sense to anyone that has spent over a day researching crypto.

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  9. I wonder if the masses of large-scale ETH miners are going to move to other coins with the cheap electricity deals and funding, and destroy profitability everywhere else soon. Makes me wonder if mining as a whole is going away for the average guy.

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  11. I've never had any faith in the current use case of NFTs. Perhaps owning a well known digital asset that can be proven publicly has some future value, but buying a crap variation of a badly drawn monkey was a way to rinse money out of dumbasses.

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