Investing $1,000 In Crypto?

For new people to the space, they may be curious as the best way to invest $1000. In this video, we take a look at maximizing your …


  1. One coin missing, IMO – you prolly want to hold some USD (or stablecoin) as part of your crypto portfolio, for when the price drops from where it is now (Aug 3) to a new low (IE BTC below $29K) – perhaps unlikely, but if it dropped to $25K and you had 5% of your portfolio in dollars, it would be a great buy opp.

  2. I got wind of this 5 months ago, and as a known risk taker, I dabbled into it straight away, investing in the 4months plan. Right now, I am on reinvesting on the 30 days plan because I now know for sure it works

  3. I wish I saw this when Bitcoin was still below 30k. I've been guilty of thinking how much altcoins can go up but never how much they can fall. It makes sense why BTC is least risky but can give great consistent overall returns

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