In this video I explain how play to earn crypto games work on a fundamental level and will equip you with the knowledge …


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  2. Ok so all of this could easily be done through traditional business model and not require NFT as a base. So why NFT? why go for something that is, as of this moment a very flawed transaction process.
    World of Warcraft players sell items all the time without having to resort to NFTs.
    Why go through the NFT model.
    Also how will you prevent the player base from becoming toxic and making the game unbearable to play?
    Even the most exciting places of work will have people walking out, if the workplace environment is toxic. So how will you keep your player base from being just a pack of trolls that will drive away the very customers they were intended to sell the items to?
    After all while the dedicated player may take this as a job, its the casual player that will be purchasing from the dedicated player, but the casual player is not going to stick around if the community treats each other like #$@$@$, because thats not fun and having fun is the reason the casual player comes to the game.

  3. Your description of transferring wealth from the rich to the dedicated is by no means a novel idea and actually requires no blockchain or NFT technology. I was selling stuff in world of craft and Diablo 15-20 years ago. You totally missed on your description by not mentioning that NFT is unique bc you supposedly could take your item out of the game and use it somewhere else, like in another game, which is NEVER going to be long-term sustainable in β€œreal” video games. It’s a gimmick that will be employed by these pyramid schemes like Axii.

  4. Given that the world's largest game studios have been built through microtransactions and are less focused on selling copies of their game, this would be a huge transfer of power from the studios to the players and ultimately so much of the dollars they use to run their organizations. I wonder then about our industries future studios that are built and run in a decentralized/autonomous manner by the people.

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