How to do RESEARCH on a Cryptocurrency Coin or Token (DYOR)

Everyone says to always do your own research on a coin or token, especially in the world of cryptocurrency… but hardly anyone …


  1. I'll make a part 2 at 7,777 likes 🙂
    Leave a comment if you want me to do research on a specific project and share in the future video as an example! (I'll be using good and bad examples, too)
    Don't fall for anyone impersonating me in the comments below. Also don't fall for a chain of people talking about their 'mentor'. Both are scams and they're trying to take your money. Thanks for watching!

  2. It's has been so difficult for me trading on my own because i have had much losses.Think the real market is manipulated, please can anyone help me out or tell me what I'm doing wrong.

  3. I’ve subscribed to this channel for a while & believe this is my first comment.

    That said, the content here is helpful in understanding the mechanics of investment into a cryptocurrency project. But I believe it is doing its community a huge disservice by not covering the importance of decentralized ecosystems & a pathway toward operating successively in it. IMO decentralized economics holds the greatest opportunity to improve the human experience & make the world a better place than any technology in recent memory.

    Just my opinion. If I had the talent demonstrated on this channel, I’d produce that kind of content, not for profit for myself, but for the benefit of everyone else. And, in doing so, possibly benefit in ways I did not perceive. Sometimes an act of kindness its own reward!

    I’m just sayin..

  4. You know you could work for 40 years to have $1m in your retirement, meanwhile some people are putting thousand of investment now they are multimillionaire. Thanks to Expert Miss NORA.

  5. Amazing video. The more I watch your videos, the more I can see why I’ve lost some money in the crypto space. And how lucky I’ve been not to lose it all. Would you look into Bored Candy City in the Cronos chain.

  6. This is an amazing video and I'm sharing this with all my friends because I keep telling friends to DYOR but they hardly understand.
    Now, if they do proper research and invest in projects like AIwork, they'll benefit.

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  8. With everything so taxable, almost no point in doing it entering a scalp trade and gotta take into account risk plus a hefty chunk of profit taken for tax but with the support of above ⬆ platform all this are soft to handle for them

  9. I appreciate you doing this video since it will be helpful to newcomers. I discovered $GHNY through my own research, and thus far, working with them has been my finest DeFi experience.

  10. Thank you for this video, it will help beginners get started. From my own research I came across $GHNY and so far I've had the best experience in DeFi with them.

  11. Noting really makes an individual smile than getting to see what they really expected. I feel happy being part of people that earn in this company 👉🏻CARBANACFIX.

  12. Noting really makes an individual smile than getting to see what they really expected. I feel happy being part of people that earn in this company 👉🏻CARBANACFIX.

  13. Hello, I'm new to Biticon trade and I've been making losses but recently I see a lot of people earning from it. Please can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong

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