Earning $26,820/month Staking These 4 Crypto Gems | Top Yield Farming Strategies Explained

These 4 yield farming strategies have been performing very well so far, and each captures a different aspect of DeFi. But are they …


  1. I'm trying to understand the APY. If one earns Time but wMemo keeps increasing in value in comparison at the same rate, it seems like the apy is a bit meaningless. I keep trying to get answers in the discord but it is very hectic in there and a lot of conflicting responses. I'm just trying to fully understand if there's value in the rebases since it seems like what matters is the price of wMemo. I would love to hear your thoughts as the way I currently understand it the apy doesn't really add to your value just divides what you already have. I could be misunderstanding this though and would love some clarity. The website has also gone through a lot of changes. On the discord I read the docs don't really reflect the way the project is currently structured. Thanks, for the video.

  2. Imo TIME is just a coin that is designed to trade coin price for coin number. I think expecting any kind of actual payout is a mistake and will lead you to believe youre farming more than you are. Also would like to see your initial investment on the excel sheet as well to give a little more insight on the return

  3. Man your time calculation doesn’t take into accounts the fact that you already last 1/2 of your investment due to time price drop. You must explain this clearly also because considering the β€œlost” of part of the initial investment you can’t talk of what you earned …

  4. great video, got some good ideas from it, just have a quick question, have you ever considered to pair the anchor ust with a delta neutral strategy in mirror ?

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