Crypto UPDATE: Ask Me Anything LIVE w/ Raoul Pal

Ever wanted to ask Raoul Pal a question? Now’s your chance! Crypto, macro, and everything with the markets. Drop your …


  1. ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ I love this side of Raoul Pal! I really hope he does more of these AMA videos. It is a mixture of his very interesting insights and his hilarious smack downs! ๐Ÿ˜‚Oh, and I did subscribe!
    I am also subed to Real Vision, I believe they have some of the most interesting interviews on the internet.

  2. paying more than 25$ for a bottle of wine is stupid as fuck. People are convincing themself more they pay for a bottle the better it would be . Most people cant say witch one is the 1000$ bottlee and the one at 15 $ if you switch the bottle , or take an empty bottle of a costly brand fill it up with 15 $ wine without telling a self proclaim wine expert and youll see how much bullshit come of their mouth XD

  3. Raoul , thank you for all the knowledge you give for free. I follow every free information you put out. It has helped me make better informed decisions. Have a great thanksgiving with family and love ones!

  4. Jesus – The fear in his voice is very worrying – clearly putting all his eggs in one basket (ETH) which has gone very badly for him, he's snapping any any comment or question which dares to doubt any of is commentary or advice, cleqarly a man on the brink who has bitten off more than his huge mouth can chew….

  5. I think being wrong is fine. What I donโ€™t appreciate is hearing fricking George Gammon and Jeff Snider channelled through Raoul and with no credit ever given to them. Leading up to 2022 I never heard Raoul ever once utter the mantra that there are no certainties, only probabilities, but now, all of a sudden, he canโ€™t repeat the mantra enough (yes, itโ€™s a Jim Rogers quote but Jimโ€™s not the one popping up everywhere saying it, George is the one saying it in every video), nor have I ever heard him talk about the eurodollar, and now heโ€™s all over these things.

    Learning new things is fine and acknowledging that you didnโ€™t know so much before is fine too, we all learn new things throughout our lives, but by god credit your teachers.

  6. Why do you never talk about WEF or Klaus Schwab?
    You claim to be a macro guru but you never talk about one of the major groups pulling the strings in macro land.
    Irresponsibly wrong is hence the outcome for failing to acknowledge how the system really works.
    You can ignore reality, but you can't ignore the consequences of that reality.

  7. Magic content as usual Raoul, thank you. "Your ownership of assets is sacrosanct", cheers to that. My one tip; don't put fucking cotton buds in your ears.

  8. You have insurance on your car. If you leave your house and your car isn't there you call the police and your insurance company. Not quite the same thing.

  9. I thought RP was knowledgeable but the longer he kept talking about โ€œcryptoโ€ – it was clear he didnโ€™t know what hes talking about.

  10. FOMO and shipcoin give SBF and his ilk ammo to steal. Gives govt more ammo to tighten hand cuffs. Soooo… Stack BTC in Trez or Ledg… and take the wealth and power from the crooks and give it to the people. Avoid 99.99% of altcoin, avoid exchanges, avoid leverage… and sleep easy.

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