Crypto News: FTX Updates, GBTC Contagion, ADA, SOL & More!!

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  1. In regards to the "Top Cardano Projects" video linked in the description, please keep in mind that that video in one year old, so naturally some of the information there is out of date.

  2. The reason of exchanges disabling deposits and withdrawals of USDC and USDT in Solana was a misunderstanding that these stablecoins were wrapped by Sollet/Project Serum, because in some places the coins were labelled as soUSDC and soUSDT, so they got scared.
    Some exchanges are smart and did their research some others are not that smart and slower to read the docs. Some did not disable deposits and withdrawals, some re-enabled them quickly and some did not.

  3. The joke is, bewildered people will still, STILL try and favour other coins or tokens, including buttcoin.
    It's embarrassing.

    Wisdom now knows Satoshi Sachs is behind it all. Like a Pied Piper luring the rapacious children to CBDC' land.

  4. @24:00 " do not typically bottom when everyone's tuning in, they tend to bottom on apathy.." haha love it. Just like in life. Apathy is death. Patience pays off for the coins that have legacy like the 'boring' Ethereums of the crypto world.

  5. One major problem with historical data going back 10 plus years is that much of the 2020 US government stimulus checks went right into crypto. That made some people very wealthy. Something like this will probably never happen again. NFTs, Metaverse land virtual assets etc has seen its heyday for the foreseeable future. Time to get real.

  6. Having Ben on was a huge improvement over an analysis of a bunch of small cap coins I have no interest in. Thank you as always. I
    Eagerly look forward to your weekly news each Monday and never miss an episode.

  7. Dump your crypto now. Buy back in when it recovers and hopefully average your way out on the way up. It's called last minute insurance ppl. Just in case. While there are a few exchanges left to sell it on.

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