Crypto News: ETH, XRP, SEC, Celsius, Tesla's BTC & More!!

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  1. Main coins, like BTC or ETH should be something that we should buy in this period. And then use some to buy gems, like $BLOCK, they are bring BIG Athletes to crypto world, creating their athlete tokens for real perks and exclusive content of our GOATs

  2. Concordium $CCD finality layer is different from probabilistic consensus in a single layer where transactions are only 'probably' finalized after a certain period of time, but where it's never certain.

  3. You are a Hero, Guy!. If their is a list of crypto evangelists, you will occupy a seat in the front row……good health and means for you to continue forever. I am a fan

  4. Top performing cryptos.: those are not bull flags. They are rising wedges/channels. Bearish patterns. Downwards pointing flags are bullish. Love your channel for info but this is just incorrect.

  5. We live in an era of fraud, not just in banking or cryptocurency, but in government, education, religion, food, health care, the big fish will continue eating the small fish. I predict a huge collapse to the market, Unfortunately too many people are going to lose their money.

  6. BTC and Eth are always going to be kings for now but im still loading up on Alts. I see Blockassests $Blocktoken pumping during the next run. it will be backing their athlete tokens and with signed athletes like till, khamzat, Usyk, Ali and rooney you cant ignore them.

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