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  8. Charts appear to say >20.5k< bottom i could see that, but not with the macro situation though. I dont even think talkin bout the bottom is worth it atm. Macro is the worst in decades energy, inflation, rate hikes, supply shortages etc etc its the perfect storm. From 2008ish till around 2021 when the economy was boomin & the fed was printing money btc still crash about 85%. So i find it hard to accept a 75% crash for a bear market that lines up with a global recession, dont make sense to me. Institutions & whales need retail to sell so theres enough supply to meet their demand & they aint buyin yet!! The thing is retail aint got any money to ape in to btc atm & over the next 12 months or so i see less money in the system as the fed tightens & everything goes up in price. So where will the money come from in that kind of a setting?? I really dont think weve seen the bottom yet or the kind of pain coming next year after mid terms. I guess we will see, I will keep buy and just trade long term more than ever, I have made over 5.6` btc from trading with Terry Ellington in few weeks this is one of the best medium to backup your assets incase it goes bearish.<<<Reach his Te le gr am > TerryEllington .

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  10. Se você não está no mercado financeiro agora, está cometendo um grande erro. EU
    entenda que pode ser por ignorância, mas se você quer fazer seu dinheiro trabalhar para você, evitar que a inflação corroa suas economias, construir riqueza geracional, cultivar bons hábitos e conhecimento financeiro, você deve estar no mercado.

  11. Bhai Weekly time frame bhi dekho RSI ka…..dec 20 se …. resistance chal rha tha Trendline ka…..Now it's going up after breakout ….pls check weekly BTC and RSi chart

  12. It’s weird how people talk about all the profits they’ve made through Bitcoin trading, while I’m having huge losses. Please can someone guide me to the right path or at least advise me on which strategy to follow?

  13. Amazing video and thank you for breaking it down!! Despite the economic downturn, I'm so happy☺️I have been earning $60,200 returns from my $10,000 investment every 13 days

  14. It is better to invest now. You will never be younger than you are today and there will never be a perfect time to invest. Due to compounding, which Einstein called the 8th wonder of the world, you can get rich slowly from investing if you do it from a young enough age.

  15. When it comes to investing, what's your say to anyone with 50k $ looking for the best ways to invest and make good earnings off it?

  16. तेरी स्टाइल नहीं बहन चोद मेरी स्टाइल है तेरी मां को मैं नहीं छोदा था

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