Binance CEO "CZ" Exposes Himself as a Fraud | Crypto Collapse.

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  1. This is how shady Binance is, Binance is a Chinese firm operated in china and crypto is illegal in china so how connect two and two together.

  2. When you say "CZ received 2.1 Billion dollars from FTX" you completely fail to mention why, it being because CZ was one of the initial investors in FTX and was bought out by SBF 1.5 years before FTX's collapse. A business simply cannot be demanded to give back return on previous investments of companies that in the meantime have gone bankrupt. Even if FTX is forced to pay back customers, that money simply wouldn't come from Binance if anything the recipents of political donations would owe money as it was registered as a business expense rather that a return on investment.

    Binance keeps a 1:1 ratio of deposits and cash (mixed btw hard and cold storage), as previously said by CZ if 100% of users decided to withdraw 100% of funds they maintain their liquidity. CZ does not "use hard or cold storage" to leverage their positions, that would be a use of customer/client funds.
    Deloitte is indeed the auditor of coinbase, an exchange that only allows the purchase of certain tokens, rather than the advanced derivatives offered on Binance.

    This video paints a pretty inaccurate picture of the events that have taken place, you have too many subs to not being doing proper research.
    do better

  3. Hahah Kevin obviously pissed CZ exposed the fraud his sponsor FTX was doing & now trying to take interviews out of context. Watch the full interview CZ is saying "let the lawyers handle the 2 billion" because she's not talking about 2 billion in users money (as he states 100% of users could withdrawl 100% of their money & Binace would be fine) he's referring to the 2 billion SFB paid him for his 20% equity in FTX that Kevin O'Leary is trying to claw back so O'Leary can minimize his loss in FTX due to SFB's illegal practices that resulted in the real reason FTX went broke.

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