Why Is EVERYONE Talking About Matic? [Crypto News]

Polygon Matic major tech upgrade explained! [Crypto News] BYBIT 30% OFF & $4100 BONUS …


  1. MATIC has won my heart really quickly. It started with the simple purchase, than stacking on finex, and now it already takes 25% of my portfolio.

  2. Seeing matic as the next solana in terms of gains. Is showing all the same symptoms that solana showed on the last bullrun

  3. I will never use Metamask ever again. I can’t confirm my transactions and the Metamask support suggestions didn’t work. I can see my staking rewards and LP farm rewards but will never be able to confirm anything.

  4. Too early to say. Polygon has historically been unreliable chain, often going down. They like to rush deveopement and create bugs.

  5. Everyone can talk about anything, the most important coin is still Bitcoin and I'm gonna stick with it and keep spending Tether on it.

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