What is Staking Cryptocurrency? Crypto Staking Explained Simply

What is staking cryptocurrency? Crypto staking explained simply – Crypto staking requires coin-holders to lock or “stake” their …


  1. My question is when I stake my 1000 dollars and put it on a 1 month term and earn a couple dollars that month. Does that mean I'm staking 1500 now. Instead of 1000.

  2. say i want to stake 50% of all my shiba inu tokens.
    what happens?
    that 50% thats staked, can it still increase in value or is its value locked down due to staking?
    the 2 – 3 % that is gained from staking, where does it accumulate?
    does it accumulate on top of the 50% not staked, or is it on top of the 50% that is staked?
    what happens if i want to pull all my coins from my stake position?
    is that even possible, is there a fee?

    im planning to hold shiba for a long time but if i can earn something on the way, that would be great and its my overall main goal.
    main plan = buy heavy, hold for a long time and stake if process and factors are acceptable and then finally, sell heavy (everything) when the time is right. im not interested in trading and swapping tbh.

    any information would be gargantuan at this point.

  3. How do you know how much of theta you have to have to stake it? Can yiu hold your own cryoto and still have it staked? How do you hold your own crypto?

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