What is BitBoy going to do?? – Crypto Tips #shorts

Clip taken from a livestream hosted on 11/28/22 Link to full video: ✴︎Sign Up Here for the CT …


  1. You influencers should be working together not slagging each other off. I really thought your channel was great but I’m unsubscribing from your channel and CT club. 😞

  2. Jealous of all the attention not going your way?
    Give it up, Heidi.
    Do you have a bill before congress? Are you speaking with movers and shakers in the space to ensure that all involved in FTX are brought to justice?
    All you have is bubblegum reports with day old news.

  3. I lost a lot of respect for that freak. BBC is a scam. He also said we were not going into s bear market and told people to still invest.

  4. I have my lost any respect I may have had for a bit boy.

    I watched him tear into a lady who was disagreeing with him while he was on stage at some kind of conference.

    He was almost hysterical.

    I called the lady a murderer.

    He was worse than any crazy emotional person I’ve seen.

    Unprofessional just completely unhinged it was embarrassing actually

  5. This is like a crypto gossip channel. What content could you create if there wasn’t all this drama happening and you weren’t resharing already shared news. That’s the content I want.

  6. SBF this thief was employed by the Democrats to Rob the public to bring in regulation. There are a lòt more in the crypto platforms that will do the same. FAKE. Bitcoin Etherium Tether. Waite and see.

  7. Ive noticed he’s a drama king and acts like hes better then everyone. He hasn’t really done anything in his channel except cause drama, and thats it.

  8. Crypto project Big Eyes (BIG) will make you life changing money. They recently had a 3D billboard by the Hersey's store. The project has been carefully planned to reach the top 10 Meme coins😻😻

  9. I used to think bitboy was too flamboyant and promoted scetch ideas. But to be honest, I've made plenty of mistakes in crypto over the years, too. He has actually grown on me during the SBF & Binance FUD. Seems like a genuine high energy dude to me now. Been loving his Chanel lately.

  10. Still does more than you . At least he isn't full time negative slagging off binance at every opportunity. You are just a sour pit of misery in the crypto space

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