Hey Alan Army! This video is called How Cryptocurrency Works. Are you invested in BITCOIN ? 😀 #Shorts SCI FI FANFICS BE …


  1. In spite of the fluctuation in the economy, I still thank you for the level-headed financial advice. I started crypto and stock investment with $4,345 and since following you for few
    weeks now, I’ve gotten $18,539 in my portfolio Thanks so much Mrs Joan Birnie

  2. You work for 40yrs to have $1M in your retirement,meanwhile some people are putting just $10K in a meme coin from just few months ago and now they are multimillionaires.

  3. BlTCOIN will continue to appeal to investors seeking low-correlation assets that diversify portfolios. The U.S. investment bank noted that high volatility “acts as a headwind towards further adoption.” The signs that BlTCOIN’s volatility is diminishing could see it “crowding out goId” as a portfolio diversifier and suggests a long-term price target which makes now the right time to stack up more. As big as BlTCOIN is now, it’s a mere fraction of what it will be so it never too late, one important note is to follow the guidance of a professional. In three weeks of trading I have been able to make over triple my capital using signals from Judith Sherwood.

  4. The crypto market is facing a key moment right now, in a very short time it's going to see a breakout to new record highs. This is a critical moment that every Investor needs to be aware of buying more with the current market trends, investing in bitcoin now would be a very smart move to make as it's going to sky rock soon….

  5. this is fake and what do you know abt crypto.Without knowing the real system of crypto, ppl like have a bad mindset abt it if crypto is like faking then why should elon musk should Invest in it. You are such a conservative 🙄

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