Crypto Investors: The Tax Man Cometh

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  1. It'll be interesting to see how this situation unfolds. I know the government doesn't want people to have cryptocurrencies as it is competition for them. However they have done just about everything they can to ruin the dollar.

  2. Governments are shit scared of crypto money as it threatens their precious monopoly on the issuance of currency. That's why they're really cracking down on it!

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  6. Anybody that got wealthy off of crypto and they have hordes of it stashed in their little Drive needs to find a new country to live in. The u.s. sucks. That's why I'm taking my broke behind to Asia

  7. Isnt crypto another form of currency….if you use your USD to purchase some British pounds and the value of the pound goes up and you cash them in to get back more USD, your not taxed on those gains correct? So why are they taxing crypto, same concept…these tax schemes are the biggest fraud

  8. You're right Andrew, there's nothing better than peace of mind. There are a lot of crypto tax friendly countries like Luxembourg (0% tax for cc trading) or Germany (you hodl for 1 year, then you have 0%). And for that country law to benefit you it's enough to become resident (not even citizen).

  9. Why not just pay the capital gains taxes? It's like 15-20% on money that basically just landed in your lap like winning the lotto. People work their butts off for hourly wages only to then be taxed more like 35%! Report the gains/losses on the past then decide if you've got enough expected gains in the future on holdings you haven't yet sold/traded to be worth moving to Puerto Rico or giving up US citizenship entirely. It's so stupid to put yourself through stress (and even danger of imprisonment) over this measly tax.

  10. Been wanting to renounce but still have visa free access to the US. Your video on best countries to have a child got me very interested in Chile. Considering moving there and doing residency passport but not sure how crypto would be considered. If I get residency and move elsewhere I’m thinking that my crypto would be tax free at that point. Love this topic and hope you consider doing more videos on it 👍

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