Crypto-Currency: How to check the balance of any address.

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  1. can somebody tell me why they selll bitcoin 10 times less than bitcoin wallet has money on dark web
    why dont they use it

  2. Hey man, I bought Degrain token for their presale and when I look them up on BNB block chain exployer, it saying no transaction or balance. Any way you can findout anything about them? Here's the address they're having buyers send BNB crypto to: 0x700e19734c8775b30e873185e3112d9d83ec0ec2
    If you're bore and wanna help me out, I appreciate it. Thanks

  3. What is the safest way for a Buyers platform to verify Sellers have control of their bitcoin account especially when you are dealing in 100,000 plus BTC? Thank you

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  7. Is it possible to search by exact amount of a certain crypto in the wallet without having the wallet address? Maybe just search the blockchain? I have a lost wallet, I am trying to see if the exact amount is still sitting idle on the wallet.

  8. Question… I am trying to search my ETH Wallet and when I search it, the balance reads $0 and no transactions…
    I use Coinbase and I am not sure if that is playing a role, but do you have any suggestions?

  9. I really need help checking my balance. Could you call me and walk me through it. I finally found the information I need to find my Bitcoins.
    Orie Henry
    My number is 919 9318873 or you can text me back with the information. I watched your video but I couldn’t see everything you were doing because I was on my phone. I have not made any transaction with these funds.

    Please advise. Thanks. If you call please send your number first because I don’t answer phone numbers I do not know. Cut down the spam calls.

  10. Why wont u write the title as: Crypto-Currency: How to check the balance of any address (IF YOU BEEN USING THIS APP) I mean people have no transactions from this program and u explain stuff that is impossible for people who hasnt used this program. Fuck u and ur title for wasting my time

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