Coinbase Coins Will Go To the MOON | Best Crypto Investment

Thanks to Vin our crypto group leader for breaking down his point of view on coinbase and the major 3 coins he sees value in! i …


  1. Coinbase con my money with partner company BitDoraemon. Stay away from that company. Still waiting on coinbase to replay and say they not affiliated to that company but all links come back to coinbase

  2. Ok help a newbie out. How does taxes work with crypto? I’m not going to outfit goods/services with it, I’m just going to put $100 in and see where it goes. If the value of my investment goes up and I decide to cash out how does that get taxed? Is it a headache?

  3. Hello. I made this same comparison about LTC to BTC yesterday. 😂 Glad I am accurate. I wud like to see more vids on advanced exchange trading techniques and plateform pros and cons. The process of making a paper wallet and different options for wallets. How is crypto "mined"? The history of BTC. Thanks! 📊🍕🏝💗

  4. Honestly I did not hear a single good reason for why he thinks it will boom… All he said is "It will boom" but no reason behind it. Not to say that I am against it… its just speculation without proof.

  5. I know you said you put $1000 a while ago into the big 3 digital currencies to hold, but you also Day Trade and Swing these coins too right? Along with Alts? Also why is ETH Different than BTC, but LTC is the same type of blockchain as BTC? Why would LTC be faster to transfer and transact than BTC? Lots of questions sorry. Anyone??

  6. Do you think if bitcoin had faster transactions they’d be appealing for transactions like you said for lite coin? I don’t see it personally, I know that’s the hype for cryptos next milestone but people arent treating it as a currency they’re treating it as a investment/gold alternative for now it seems.

  7. “It just started” lol no it’s just become a bubble now. We are at the mania stage and delusion is starting to occur. Bitcoin has lost its use compared to other cryptos. Don’t doubt a bitcoin crash to come.

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