Blackrock Predicted It Just LAST MONTH!! Here's What They See Coming In 2023…

Blackrock predicted just last month the United States would enter a “deep recession” in 2023!! Yet there are rumors swirling that …


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  2. Black rock has lost more than 25 percent of there holdings because of greed. If black rock stopped insider trading and just work to make money. Did you know that. Go back and look at there statements earlier this year.

  3. Rate hikes don’t work without energy production. Artificial destruction. Global trade with U.S. assets is at dangerous levels, a pivot should be in site if they care to save the dollar

  4. Chico you’re so intelligent and we are all praying for you, I got into chain link way back because of you. Keep your head up G, you’re a champion

  5. You really do have one of the best channels in the game. So many people try to create content which equates to uneducated rambling or just going live and reading stats on coingecko & scrolling Twitter feeds.

    The level of detail, the structure of presentation, quality of production and editing is truly too notch Chico, and I'm not even a fanboy of yours. I just see quality and feel obliged to acknowledge it.

    Please keep it up as best you can, while always putting your needs first 🤝

  6. no way he is still holding bags of any crypto he has ever claimed to hold he would be down over 90% YTD I've been tuning in to his channel here and there for the past 3 years and he has never been correct on a single prediction.

  7. THIS dude literally scams all his viewers out of pity and money
    constantly taking breaks from making content after shilling a pump and dump and claims it was his depression and all yall eat that shit up this dude has yall eating out the palm of his hand…

  8. I think in some time the 2% target will be raised and they will stop raising interest rates, basically admitting defeat without admitting it by changing the narrative to something like 4% is now a healthy inflation target, and they will get away with it because people are stoopid.

  9. I believe we are in great position because Smelling Yelling and Sleepy Joe told me we are in great position. wow great to have leaders like them. I was worry before because of high prices, food shortage, diesel shortage, but relax our Pres. said we are ok.

  10. Fed will not pivot until the economy is in check. Even if something breaks.
    They will begin QE When the economy is were it needs to be, and not a minute before.
    You'll see.

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