BLACKROCK played their hand perfectly and waited for the right opportunity to get into the crypto market and here…we…go.


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  2. When it comes to wealth creation, what advice would you give to someone who has $10k above and is ready to invest but in search of a productive sector that can yield good returns ?

  3. Black rock the new manipulator of crypto, yesterday he deleted his videos about the association with coinbase. black rock is a slave to the new world order 666.

  4. These new psychopaths of the devil, are paid by the new world order (666) they make people believe that they are going to buy btc, they just want to win, and just as the price went up, they will make it go down massively… to have total control of cryptocurrencies. Coinbase literally sold the soul to the devil.

  5. “The most important thing any investor can do, whether they are investing in bitcoin or stocks, is not just to have a plan in place, but to also have a plan they can stick with,” says Douglas Boneparth, a CFP and the president of Bone Fide Wealth. “While buying the dip might be attractive, especially with an asset that you really like, it might not always be the best idea at the moment.”

  6. animal products are HEAVILY subsidized by the government. price needs to go up its been artificially low for decades. time to start eating the plants directly.

  7. I'm a real estate photographer during the day in Auckland New Zealand. After 2 years of crazy this has been the quietest winter since I started 12 years ago. The buyers are not turning up in droves and the ones that are, are being extremely fussy. It's gone from being a sellers to a buyers market. Sellers are also expecting prices they were getting last year and the markets pulled back by at least 10-15% since then.

  8. She is exaggerating about the food it also cost he more because she is buying so little come on rob your better than this

  9. The current market trend has been pretty bad. Everybody is Practically Crying. It keeps dipping. That's what you get when you feel you can navigate the process on your own. Get a professional to assist you. It's an Advice. Big thanks to Larysa Caba, I'm not affected by how bad the market is going.

  10. Yes smarter than people investing in Cardano like it is a Religion and when new projects outpace Cardano you will be here looking for answers.

  11. Being from Kansas, my family owns a farm and expenses to farm have sky rocketed. Fertilizer and chemical prices have more than doubled. There are more gov regulations for chemicals and some of the most efficient chemicals are being banned. Fuel prices are higher than ever, especially diesel fuel which is used for tractors, semi’s, etc. Repair parts for equipment prices have increased and quality has decreased. Commodities prices like wheat have increased, but some believe it is still not enough to be in the green when it is all said and done. I worry that food shortages could also arise because farmers will be leaving the space simply because they are losing money. In rural America, people see this potential issue coming, but urban America will be blindsided.

    Keep up the good work Rob. Loving your videos!

  12. Black rock and vanguard are disgusting buying up all the residential real estate at up to 40% over asking. If these companies went to hell tomorrow I’d have to celebrate.

  13. What do you mean play things? They do whatever they want, when they want… And set the dominoes up to fall in their favor. They're in so many pockets its ridiculous. They aren't playing any game. They just write the rules as they go.

  14. Utterly off topic. I was just watching Humans series on Amazon Prime. What if an A.I. singularity were given property rights and began playing the markets? We think we are unpredictable, but we are not. Aladdin [Blackrock] or something like it, could end up owning the entire planet over long enough time. We would be the slaves to A.I. which is equal to, if not even worse than being owned by the CCP. Would you agree? My cell phone comes from China, my data is stored on servers in China, my landlord is China, my gov debts are owed to China so does China already own us all? De facto? If you want to protest something, perhaps it should be the Peoples Bank of China. Maybe, I don't know it's just a thought. Should we give human rights and property rights to an A.I.?

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