Bitcoin: Literally BIGGEST Crypto News of 2022!!!!!!

Huge Bitcoin and crypto news, maybe the biggest BTC news of 2022! BYBIT: 30% OFF & $4100 BONUS …


  1. your video's are really helpful for getting the latest defi info. I really ppreciate the time you put in to make quality video's. I decided to start up my own using your channel as an inspiration, but with a focus on Tezo projects.

  2. Bitcoin is not what you believe it to be. It is simply an effort to own everything. The rich will buy all the coins and own them. Iif we are lucky we will get to borrow fractions of a coin to by bread and then it heads back to the owners. Clever yes, but for whom? Wake up! Before it is to late. When there is no money we will simply be slaves to the owners of the coins and it won't be you! 😜🤔♥️

  3. The opportunity to make a life change money for everyone is finally here.

    The wave of institutional money is finally coming into Bitcoin and Cryptos.

    Dollar cost average into the fear.

    Dollar cost average out from the greed.

    Blockchain technology will change everything and will impact everyone.

    Cryptos are truly the fairest thinking software technology ever invented.

    Understand it, learn it, and embrace the wealth that comes with it.

    Keep up the great work.


    Don Wand

  4. Blackrock already were dabbling in crypto. They turned their back on XRP with the quickness though. If these institutions are mostly bullish on $hitcoin, they're not doing their research enough. Crypto is much more than a "store of value" or pump and dump. Many cryptos can actually be used as currency.

  5. It looks like my usd wasn't actually wasted. My friends tried to reassure me buying the btc dip but when I saw the bfc chart showing btc that almost approached 30K I couldn't stop myself. And now I don't regret it

  6. Choose wisely. Knowledge is the best and easiest way to reduce risk. Look for functionality and enterprise adoption. Speed, Latency with finality, cost and security. Hedera, HBAR. is the worlds most functional technology. Doing more transactions than any other crypto in only 2.4 years. Has done more than BTC and ETH combined. 2.17 billion transactions and is 5 million times less energy dependent than BTC and 600 thousand times less than ETH.

  7. Great event! Thank you so much for the opportunity, this project is a huge deal in the market nowdays. Thanks for the team to make such project!

  8. Lark respect for your material and commitment to Crypto. I would love to hear your opinion on Ripples Case with the SEC. The implications could stretch far beyond XRP. Its heating up….. The SEC seems to be imploding before our very eyes 😂😂😂

  9. Great info! So now we have Russia getting their crypto act together better than the United States…We need another space race but let’s make it a crypto race – adopt now and don’t get left behind! As for that last bit of research – I’ll put that into my hopium pipe and smoke it!!

  10. Big money is in control and are ten steps in front of retail. Holding is safest in bull market and buying safest in bear. You decide your risk for holding and selling targets. DCA has beaten traders long term. If you are depending on YouTubers you are asking for trouble.. They want you to buy courses and get ad revenue… You have no idea how much they risk on their own trades… it could be $10k or ten bucks.

  11. Btc to 220k would be a bigger move than eth to 12k…I don’t see that being the case. Especially considering if btc passes ath and is pumping that hard, alts will be pumping even harder

  12. Why is no one talking about the credit card companies starting to add BTC rewards? If everyone with a credit card is getting paid 2-3% back vs the size of their transactions then that is a huge cumulative demand for BTC long term, they will essentially be buying BTC without even needing an exchange and will likely just hodl it. I mean take the total amount of money transacted on credit cards each year, then figure out how much money 2-3% of that total annual amount is and that is highly likely the amount of BTC credit card users will be buying each year when normies start bragging to their friends about how much their 2-3% BTC rewards are soaring in value. It will be the first time in history credit card rewards have gone up in value rather than down

  13. Lol. So bitcoin can still go time 5 but you still pump your gaming shit coins who can give you time 10 but who will likely go to zero. You make no sense. Just push people into bitcoin. Oh wait you are not making any money if you take that road. 🤣🤣 also smh

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