This ADX and Range Filter trading strategies. Was inspired by the work of another trader. Tested on more 1000 75% Very HIGH …


  1. Hi David, I am a VIP Patreon member of your community. I tried this strategy and it says Study error (Study_not_auth). In fact, all of your strategies give me the same error. Could you please help me with this?

  2. Why you entry when there is not yet the signal?when green candle I should open on the top that’s is where it’s close. You open when candle is open and so you don’t have yet the signal.

  3. The question is when does the buy and sell signal come through. After the candle has closed or right when the candle opens. Either way it would be a lag of when you placed your trades.

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  6. i m still confused sell signal video time 5:40 ADX above 20 for buy video time 6:32 mins you say it need to be above 20 ADX dont you think the ADX is problem lol take short when ADX is above 20 take long when ADX is above 20

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  10. This is first video I watched from Davidd, and must say well done. However, I feel scammed for my time as at the end of video when I searched for this indicator i the description I found I have to pay 17 dollars for it. Should be labeled as advertising.

  11. Another great video, thank you. As a newbie trader, of all the systems on your channel, which one would you use solely if you’re life depended on it? Stay blessed!

  12. Thank you for the great video. I started up trading and investing as a scared individual that doesn't want to loose money I'm glad is finally paying off bought my first house through it.

  13. the examples you demenstrated is using the signal candle's open price as entry, but the 'buy''sell' signal is only confirmed after a candle closed.

  14. thank you very much for the shout-out mate i really appreciate but most of the thanks goes to my team haha i have many testers getting me the results without them it will be impossible😊

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  17. Your testing has one major and grave error.

    The buy or sell signal has to (understandably) form after candle close. Therefore your entry point is AFTER that candle close. In your video you are placing the entry point upon formation of the candle signal which is impossible as you would never have known about the signal until the candle closed.

    I trust this wasn't an intentional mistake in your video.

  18. Hi Davidd. I see all your videos and I respect you for your knowledge and hard-work. But I have a question: I'm new in trading and I can see that these strategies are using indicators which "repaint". How can we consider it? or How can eliminate this inneficiency? Are you taking into account this thing? Thanks and congratulations; you are the best!

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