Top Cryptocurrency To Invest In 2019 | Crypto Investing

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  1. Hey, I was wondering whats your current thoughts on deep onion as of this moment? i was thinking of making a postion on this coin and are you still bullish on it?

  2. Countries are starting to make their own cryptos which doesn't sound good for XRP and XLM. I know that IBM partnered with XLM for the money, let's see how it will play out. I don't know if blockchain and social media go well together. How big is the steemit blockchain now?

  3. Tron is only coin in top 15 alts haven't hit $1 in last bull run Ada xrp staller hit more than $1 tron hit only 29c this time esy it will hit $1 or $10 because people using for gambling beting house markit 200 trillion gold market 7 trillion gambling market 50 to 80 trillion they using tron btc was $1 $50 $100 $1,000 $15,000 u no what i meant tron life time?????????

  4. Because of having invested during the previous bull runn

    in 2019 my investments were light: zen/gic/onion

    but my master and dominant investment remains of course on DeepOnion

  5. If you want to have a real gains ( 100x- 1000x ) you have to invest in a small market cap coins under the radar. Here are some interesting coins. Great dev team and awesome concepts:
    1.Morpheus Network
    2. Daneel
    You're welcome 🙂

  6. I fully agree with DeepOnion's assessment from the author of the video. This is one of the few coins that is not yet in the top and is still cheap, and which should definitely be in the portfolio. This project has a great future.

  7. Invested in previous bull-run ;p

    in BULL RUN
    XRP (Currently in Loss – Waiting for Profit)
    Onion (Currently in Loss – Waiting for Profit – Loving the stakes)
    TRX (Currently in Loss)
    Binance – BNB (In Profit)

    I Invested All into
    CATT (Recently Invested so they are kind of same but due to BTC they are a little bit up)

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