The BEST Crypto Passive Income STRATEGY! (Uniswap v3 REAL YIELD) – DeFi

The BEST Crypto Passive Income STRATEGY! (Uniswap v3 REAL YIELD) – DeFi Uniswap v3 allows for concentrated liquidity, …


  1. Are you saying not to close the position when the price goes below the range? What if it will continue to go down for a while?

  2. Have you heard about MDB (Make DeFi Better)? This project has truly been a breath of fresh air to me in these crazy times.

    It seems to be built around very solid mathematical and strategical foundations and has been delivering constant safe returns since April, without me having to lie awake at night feeling worried about my investment going down the drain.
    With the next update to their dapp Xenia, they keep streamlining everything with the addition of an auto compounding feature to their farm and a ”swapper” used for directly swapping between any of their several assets in their ecosystem.

    Have you seen any other recent projects with a similar price chart like them? Looks like MDB is absolutely killing it!

  3. MDB has been the best performing project in this bear market. Earning a steady passive income will be even easier in the MDB ecosystem with the release of Xenia 2.0. Xenia 2.0 will have the option for autocompounding for the farms where you can really set it and forget it. Phoenix+ is a stable backed asset giving a great apr that will also have a auto compound function on a appreciating stable backed asset.

  4. Love your uniswap V3 vids I have watched 3 of them now I believe. Just a note, it's not exactly fair to say providing payment in a native token is automatically not real yield. If the native token payments create inflation then you are correct that is not real yield. However, since Cake now buys and burns their token they have kept their token circulating supply even. That means the Cake payouts are in fact real yield. They are only real yield because the protocols revenue is able to buy back and burn tokens. I recently realized this myself and covered it on a video about "real yield". Overall though great content keep it up. I'm looking to do some of that Uniswap V3 stuff soon.

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