The Absolute Best Strategies To Grow Your Crypto Portfolio By 100x

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  1. Why are you reviewing NFT projects that only multi millionaires could afford. How about some NFTs that somebody who only has 0.5 ETH to their name could buy.

  2. I have a question. When the bear market comes, will coins like ETH and BTC, go down like in 2018 when they dropped over 5x in price, or will it be something more stable? Basically, what I want to know, is if I should take profit on all coins, when I believe they have reached their peak, and then buy them back when the bear market stabilizes at it's lowest. Or switch all altcoins to ETH and BTC, because those will remain somewhat the same.

  3. Hey Ellio, great video overall but i can't afford ANY of those NFTs, not even close! Ellio, why don't you talk more about some NFTs that regular people can afford?
    Take a look at Jungle Cats, maybe you'll like them, very beautiful 3D art and a solid community too.

  4. This is the best mic drop that has ever or probably will ever be created about the space, and at one of the most historic times and tipping points leading into what the mass adoption might look like in the future. Fekkin BRAVO

  5. Don't forget to get enough sleep, eat well, love your loved ones and make the world a better place.
    Don't lose sight of what you're chasing this money for in the end ❤️

  6. Hello Elio! Thank you very much for your work. I am your new subscriber and I was very interested in your idea of ​​symmetrical bets for 10 coins. I have a question for you, now if you were like me now and just entered the market, what coins would you choose? Thanks!

  7. The thing is this time…. when the "rug" is pulled on BTC, the insitutions will buy and you'll basically be poor again when BTC is the dominant force. Hold BTC.

  8. Just wanna say – god bless you brother. Always do greater good just like you have been..may you shine and moon always ! 🙏❤️✨

  9. That's exactly what I was planning to do (my start was also 10k) and it's a super positive boost to hear that from a professional like you in the market. Little thing .. why isn't Cardano in your list?

  10. theres a minor flaw with this plan, if you wanted to buy 10k of your best bets you would have to pay like 1k in gas fees lmao

  11. My question for Elio is the following: If you had to invest 5k right now where would you invest it? Btw this channel is solid. This will hit 1 Million Subscribers easy.

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