Solana Tokens Continue Rally | $RNDR $MBS $GMT $AUDIO $SOL Analysis

Solana’s annual conference, Breakpoint is scheduled for Nov 4th-7th where we’ll be hearing the latest updates and project …


  1. Looked forward for this.

    Quite sure, next year will be insane reg. cryptos, NFTs, web3 etc.

    In Jan. Apple also unveils its Apple Pro / One Headset.

    iPhone hype coming…

  2. Solana has big backers. But it’s a big failure in terms of what it’s potential is. Hope to see it succeed, but confidence currently is low. Also please reached light about its transactions per second and how that works. It’s misleading.

  3. Totally agree that RNDR is a monster when it comes to utility! And already now with Apple, Disney, NASA and many others as their users is just insane. Jules is also really visionary and good at combining what is needed now and tomorrow, so RNDR is in good hands!

  4. Twitter under Musk is doomed. Elon is an engineering genius, but he's also on the autistic spectrum. Same as Zuck. He's really not the right person to steer a social platform, he lacks empathy and insight into people at the level needed to make it work, I predict that Twitter will be his first big business failure.

  5. Yikes – they called it “ Break Point “ ? A Solana conference. Literally… Break. Point.
    Oh boy… we need someone new in Marketing.

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