Sharixid fudud Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Lacagta Caalamku u guurayo.

Kusoo biir Telegram group keena : Muuqaalkan waxay ku sharaxaynaa macluumaad muhiim ah …


  1. Aamira Adnan:

    How are you Mahamed


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  3. Wlal zakariye wxaan rawaa inaan maal gashto balse isticmaalka ma aqaan aqoone um lihi wlal zakariye inaan maalgashto ayaan rawaaa ma igu shaqeynee wlal mana aqaan habka loo isticmala

  4. Masha Allah. We all need to get in this and don't get left behind. XRP to the moon. Walaalo, do you know if people in SomaliLand and Somalia can buy crypto there too? I would appreciate it if you know. A Salaam Alaikum warahmatulaihi wa barakatuhu.

  5. ASC WLL ZAKARIYE.. Marka aan yurup joogono shaqooyinka waxaa dhiibnaa canshur 30% ama 21% ok marka ganacsigaan malagaa rabaa canshur mase waa FREE

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