Sandy Hook Lawyer Criticizes Alex Jones' Use of Cryptocurrency Donations

Plaintiffs’ attorney Chris Mattei criticized Alex Jones’ use of cryptocurrency donations he receives through his Infowars website.


  1. I saw from the Helicopter footage of Sandy hook "Shooting".

    Clearly saw the <OAX> from above, all the suppose victims families coincidently where new in the neighborhood!! one of the fathers came out as a responding military style officer and also as father of a victim, 2 roles for the same actor, kids where coming out in a rush out of the facility and reenter from the other side recycling them to make it see 3 or 4 times more kids of what really were there making this appear a desperate situation, you can even se the people directing the show while other respondents from emergency department where chatting like just a drill is taking place, even drills look more real than this video that was taken dawn along wit other where people can see the Irrefutable Lie. I got Eyes and I know what I saw!!

  2. I’m with Alex Jones. They’re tryna paint him as a bad guy but he’s not. He’s already apologised for sandy hook a million times way before they tried to sue him

  3. This layer reminds me of Leo DiCaprio in the beginning of “Catch Me If You Can” when he’s just learning how to be a lawyer and acts all dramatic 😂

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