My CRAZIEST New Crypto Investment Strategy (HODL is DEAD for 2020)

We have had a HUGE shift in the world of crypto. Whether or not you believe DeFi is a bubble inside of a larger bubble swelling in …


  1. I don’t know… DCA and HODL are still good strategies for the long term. Maybe not the most lucrative opportunity for the short term but definitely a winner if we look beyond the next 2 halvings and a few more bull and bear market cycles. Bitboy may be correct if looking at 2020 in isolation but I have a long term investment horizon not a short term one.

  2. Lol the truth can be unpleasant sometimes, but that's all i needed to hear thanks man, I've been lazy to trade the cryptos and take full advantage of the high volatility.Let's make money to add onto our bags while we hodling for long term cause when the markets dump someone is lining their pockets while we chill on the sidelines hodling🤣. Stay away from timid only make moves when your heart's in it.

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  4. Hey Bitboy have you looked into $PHR lately, it's making crazy progress, the whole idea of Synapse is giving me chills already I think it's going to be worth it, you should take a look at it

  5. Most helpful video yet for me mate thanks. I'm new to the crypto world and trying to find my feet. I 2as hodling UTK and Swissborg and just watching myself lose money every day!!…although I may hang on to my swipe!

  6. I like your comment that main stream option might not occur for at least 5 years or 2 market cycles. This is something you do not here enough about. Very good point.

  7. I was invested recently in Defi, did some profits and some loses. The problem with DeFi is that it needs to pump more than ETH to be profitable. ETH is pretty hot the recents days. So its a lot of stress for no much rewards.

  8. Yep was thinking the same, my head is full of great projects watching BitBoy and others, think i'll write them all on a bingo balls and pull 5 to follow, then swap them a few days later !!

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