MOST PROFITABLE Fractal Trading Strategies For Day Trading Forex, Stocks and Crypto | Fractals

MOST PROFITABLE Fractal Trading Strategies For Day Trading Forex, Stocks and Crypto | Fractals In this video, I will be sharing …


  1. Are fractal support resistance levels more ROBUST than other S/R levels?Fractals are maket showing its HANDS.Traders biggest enemy is trend flipping on A dime(e.g. 1H OR lower time frame trend).Trend on 4H chart is the best trend guide for majority of forex traders( if one keeps trades for A few days)? By the time trader realizes that trend on daily chart is up, market has already gone up about 3-5 days & if you ask supercomputer for the mathematical odds, computer tells you that odds are negative right from the start.Trend based on the last 5-10,four hourly candles has enough BIG players/momentum behind it so that it would not flip on A dime, so trader has decent chance to make decent money without buying already overpriced asset–A MIDDLE FX BATTLEFIELD. I seek your wisdom?

  2. SIR, Which support is more likely to hold– A) one with fractal support Or B) one without fractal support?

    Which support is more likely to hold A) fresh recent support–not tested before Or B) Support which has proved successful being tested many times before?

    Which support is more likely to hold A) where price spent little time before being repelled away successfully Or where price spent a lot of time before moving away? We seek your wisdom on these life & death questions.

  3. When trading with fractals, should trader flip charts, 15M, 1H,4H,D1, all at once & see where support & resistance IS as shown by fractals on each frame–and if if it fits close to top/bottom of daily ADR, take that trade. Now 15M fractal level may not be robust(strength wise) enough–but 1H fractal is because to form 1H fractal, market could not penetrate THAT LEVEL IN 5 CANDLES WHICH IS 5 HOURS–and that is lot of data(strength).AND fractal on 1H chart is not just one man talking but line (support/resistance) drawn by millions of traders in those 5 hours. Just act on 1H fractal–and trade be in the direction of 4H/daily trend. I seek your wisdom ?

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