Is The Cryptocurrency Boom Over? | Hot Mic With Nidhi Razdan

Hot Mic with Nidhi Razdan: It was touted as the next big thing of the future. In the last few years, the cryptocurrency market has …


  1. The market is very unstable and you can not tell If it's going bearish or bullish. I advise everyone to forget predictions and start making a good profit now because future valuations are all speculations and guesses. When these reports are bullish take some off to the side lines, when news gets bearish start buying. "Keep it simple simple" that bear/ correction was the best thing that happened me.But all thanks to Paul Charlton for his amazing skills for helping me. Trading went smooth for me as I was able to raise over 9 BTC when I started at 2.5 BTC in just 5 weeks of implementing trades with signals and insights from Paul Charlton, I would advise you all to trade your asset rather than hold for a future you aren’t sure about..You can reach Paul on ͲeIєɠɾαm👉PAULCHARLTON

  2. Crypto is dead, cbdcs will kill crypto. Rest of the field will be gobbled by govt blockchains which will mean maximum centralization and maximun surveillance

  3. Aap chronology samajhiye:
    1. Big players hype up cryptocurrencies
    2. Suckers invest money and value rises
    3. Big players withdraw and book their profit. Market crashes. Suckers lose money.
    4. Repeat from step 1

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