Gramatik & BRANX – Future Crypto [Official Music Video]

Gramatik & BRANX – Future Crypto [Official Music Video] Join the Notification Squad! Click the Bell. ✘ Spotify: …


  1. I think the song is great and I rarely ever upload instrumentals but it was the video that sold me. I love the animation and storytelling that goes on with this. Gramatik and BRANX are amazing artists and I'm honored to showcase them on Proximity. I hope you all enjoy! 🙂

  2. This is a story of the History of Trade. From Bartering to stocks to the eventual takeover of Crypto we've always found something and something else of an equivalent trade worth. Imagine looking o the future of trading from the middle ages to see a bunch of people ordering things online when you've killed for gold, jewels, horses or robbed for such things

  3. Was a bit sceptical at first, thinking this is a bland heavy drop, but no no no quickly it adds extremely interesting well done sounds and makes the whole listening experience something else. With funky melodical twists and a brilliant musicvideo that strenghtens this song in meaning <3

  4. Gramatik is on the decentralized platform singulardtv. The future of all artists who want to launch their projects without intermediaries. Great investment opportunity buying the tokens of singulardtv.

  5. Isn't really a song, more like background music to a short animated video. Don't know why it was necessary to upload this on a music channel…

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