Find your Crypto Investment Plan | Bitcoin, DeFi and NFTs

Learn about crypto investing: *** Every investment requires an understanding. Bitcoin, DeFi …


  1. This is very helpful and practical advice. Surprised not many comments as compared to those nonsense discussions on why defi will go to the moon or totally collapse very soon without substentiating it. Btw, can you recommend a DeFi telegram group for me to follow? This will not be investment advice and I will do my own diligence. Thanks!

  2. Why are you not talking about Terra Luna Ecosystem? They are massive in Asia, please check Mirror Protocol and Anchor Protocol. Luna will be a TOP 5 project by the end of 2021. Please do research. Luna has 2.5 million crypto non users who pay with Luna every day in Asia.

  3. I'm actually looking for something like this… A business plan for crypto and someone to consult with.. What's the best way to consult with you guys? I am actually busy with a crypto business plan

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