Drip Is About To EXPLODE!! (Get Ready)

Drip Is About To EXPLODE!! (Get Ready) PLATFORMS IM IN: Drip: …


  1. dude.. why continue to make a daily video with the same content day after day after day after day.. just put one video on a daily loop.. we get it.. DRIP to rocket.. still a fan bro… just sayin!

  2. I think Drip/AF, EMP, & OPT3 are probably the best plays out there rn at least…not coz they promise the highest yield but coz they deliver a good product & when there are issues or potentials for issues they handle it one way or another without taking everyone’s profits or changing the rules in some way that negatively affects the “investors”
    Ofc, I’m 100% Forex Shark, Mighty Leader! But I’ve been thinking that if I get a big position in the AF that my vote is very meaningful, what are the best projects to partner with to increase our profits and stabilizing forces in the ecosystem..?
    Would anyone have a different list than me or do you agree..? Lmk, I’m very interested in your rationale mostly

  3. Positivity and great vibes bro!!!!! It's gonna make major headlines, Forex Shark won't even need to go out looking for hosts to advertise… Companies will flock to him begging to advertise The Drip Network!!! Absolutely bullish! Keep Drippin the TRUTH!

  4. An underappreciated bonus of maxed whales is the fact their referrals are going to deposits and effectively burned. Unless I’m missing something, anything over 27397 in your wallet ck gets locked forever… fta NFA

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